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Rory & Ryan Inns

Our Policies

As of April 1, 2020, this hotel is no longer a pet-friendly hotel. We will honor any reservations for pet rooms made prior to that date.

Pets are not permitted at Rory and Ryan Inns. If a pet is found in a room this will result in a $350 non-authorized pet fee.

Cancel by 2 PM local hotel time at least 24 hrs prior to arrival to avoid a 1 night(s) cancel penalty charge.

At check-in, credit cards are authorized at 25% above the total cost of the stay for incidentals. Guests requesting to pay cash need to provide a valid credit card at the time of check-in or a $100 refundable deposit that will be returned at check-in.

Cash Payment
We can take cash; however, we need a valid credit card at check-in that will be authorized for the entire stay, and then they can pay cash at check-out. The other choice is to pay cash at check-in, and then put down a $150 deposit that they will get back at the time of check-out after the room is checked for any issues.

Rory & Ryan Inns

We are committed to making our website ADA compliant.




504 N Highway 20
Burns, OR 97738